Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pink Goth Tutorial by Guinevere Healy

Pink Goth Tutorial
May 22, 2017
Guinevere Healy
Any resemblance to previous tuts is purely coincidental. 

This is an easy tut.
I used Jasc PSP9. It has not been tested in newer versions.

I used the Pink Goth kit by LMB, which you can find at Lil Mz's Brainstorms

I am using a tube from Lady Mishka called Lola2 which you can also be found at the URL above.

These are both PTU items and you will need a license for the tube. 
Font Used: BloodBlock at

Open a new image 600 X 600
Using paper 2 from the kit, crop to taste depending on how much of the paper's pattern you want and then copy/paste into your new window.

Open the tube, adjust to how you want it (I used mirror) and Paste As New Layer.
Resize tube to 50% and Paste as New Layer.
If you have Eye Candy filters, you can use Corona with the glow width at 9.33 and the color set to white. 
If you do not have Corona, you can use the Drop Shadow effect already in PSP. In 9 it is under 3-D effects. Use your favorite drop shadow settings, but change the color to white. If you want to you can also feather it a bit to make it look "spooky."
I went with the Corona option to make this tag, but Drop Shadow is also great.

Take Element 19 and resize to 20%. Apply Corona or Drop Shadow with the same settings as you did your tube. Paste as New Layer. Whenever I resize anything, I go to Adjust and select Sharpen. It gives the item a bit more clarity. I just use the factory defaults from Paint Shop Pro.

Element 29 - resize to 60%
Adjust - sharpen
Add Noise 17 Gausian Monochrome
Corona (all settings are the same throughout until you get to the lettering.
Paste as new layer

Element 53 - 55
Sizing will depend on the tube you use. I did 35% to 40% This is one you will want to play around with. 
With Element 53, Doing Adjust - Add noise at 53 Gausian, it gives it a little glow.
Paste as New Layer

Element 18 - Use your Magic Wand tool to select a certain area and then add noise using 53
Paste as New Layer

Use your Magic Wand for a chosen selection of Element 27 that you resized to your liking. Adjust - Add Noise 53

Apply your credits. I like to use Verdana because it is a font that is easy to read. I also do a drop shadow so the text pops a bit. 

Font Effect
Select a color from the tube to be the print color.
Apply your font tool.
Because I want to do a separate layer, I chose Selections, Expand by 3, and then went to Add New Raster Layer. I then filled in with black. 
I chose Select None
I chose Corona again, but I adjusted it to 19 and then merged my layers

Have fun!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Back from the Beyond

I know I have a seriously hard time staying up to date on this blog. I apologize and will try to do better. I am all over the place these past months. I have started designing full size kits as well as building e-commerce stores.

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